iChoose VISA can help you drive sales, increase loyalty and engage your staff - all whilst promoting your brand.

Our clients use gift cards for cashbacks, rewards, corporate gifts and other thank you gestures such as rewarding existing customers for referring new customers, or signing up to a particular service.

With thousands of reloadable and prepaid Visa cards issued, iChoose offer premium brand and association on your budget – Visa and your brand. There are no monthly fees, ensuring our cards are the cheapest in today’s market.

Whether you’re a business with a sales channel who wants to purchase to reward your customers or staff for sales, acquisition or bonuses, a business running a cashback offer, or a business with incentives for their reseller channel - iChoose can help you when you order from us.

  • We are the perfect corporate rewards solution, and the #1 issuer of Visa prepaid gift cards in the incentive and rewards market in both Australia and New Zealand.

  • iChoose Visa Prepaid cards allow you to drive sales, increase loyalty, engage staff and promote your brand effectively.

  • iChoose Visa gift cards are perfect for many different options:
    • Loyalty & Retention Programs
    • Reseller Rewards
    • Sales Incentives
    • Rebates
    • Consumer Cashbacks
    • Customer Rewards
    • Competitions & Promotions
    • Long Service Awards
    • Sales Bonus
    • Christmas Gifts
    • Expenses & Travel… The list goes on!

Where Buy Prepaid Visa Gift Cards

Purchase one of two types of Visa prepaid cards: Gift Cards (single load) or Reloadable Cards. The cards have different uses - reloadable cards are suitable for wide range of customer or staff rewards and incentives, single load gift cards are perfect for one off rewards, rebates and cashbacks offers. Reloadable cards are perfectly suited for ongoing rewards and rebates, when there are regular rewards provided to customers or staff. You can get iChoose prepaid Visa cards in generic iChoose branded, or you can custom brand your cards with your company logo and message. All iChoose Visa card prepaids are personal, issued to the individual recipient, and securely sent via the post. When you order and buy an iChoose prepaid card, the recipient can activate it online or via phone, and they get to choose their own PIN for additional security and peace of mind.

Buy Prepaid Visa Gift Cards

Where can you get a prepaid custom branded gift card, that shows the recipient your company logo and message every time they pull it out of their wallet to make a purchase? iChoose offer two options to purchase their cards, simply enter your details online via the website and they will contact you for a free quote, or contact them by phone to place your order. Once purchased, the prepaid cards are simply activated either online or by phone, and then accepted wherever Visa card is accepted, worldwide, instore or even buy online. You get the benefits of a simple transaction, and effectively promoting your brand, and your staff or customers get the prepaid Visa card that keeps on giving, being able to choose their own gift to purchase.

Where to Buy Prepaid Visa Cards

Purchase Prepaid Visa Cards

For your corporate gift giving and rewards cards, contact iChoose for a free quote today, and find out exactly what we can do for you. Look no further than us, buy online or purchase over the phone today. Call 0800 424 667

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