Give the ultimate gift that lets them reward themselves– any way they choose

The perfect rewards solution

iChoose Visa card
  • B2B Incentives
  • Rebates   
  • Christmas Gifts
  • Expenses & Travel
  • End of Financial Year Payments
  • Gift with Purchase
  • Referrals & Acquisition
  • Membership Incentive

iChoose VISA Prepaid Card is perfect for many applications:

  • Loyalty & Retention Programs
  • Reseller Rewards
  • Sales Rep Incentives

iChoose VISA Prepaid Card is perfect for many applications:

  • Customer Rewards
  • Corporate Gifts
  • Competitions & Promotions
  • Consumer Cashbacks


  • Long Service Awards
  • Sales Bonus 
  • Internal Sales Incentives


You choose the reason!

iChoose VISA is the perfect reward for many reasons

Choose from our range of iChoose card designs

iChoose Branded

Choose from our range of iChoose card designs and customise it with your logo!


Fully Branded 

Fully customised card design to make your brand shine! Customise with your logo, colours and imagery

iChoose Branded Visa card
iChoose Co-Branded Visa card
iChoose Fully Branded Visa card

There’s a card to suit all your needs


*ATM Cards up to $999.99

*applicable to reloadable cards only

Load value when you want, as many times as you want, for the life of the card

Reloadable Options

Load up to $4999.99

iChoose Prepaid VISA is accepted online, over the phone, in-store and even internationally at 28 million merchants worldwide

Accepted Worldwide

No hassle for you. Cards are shipped direct to your recipients ready for them to securely activate and use

Direct Post

iChoose VISA Card has reladable options
Load up to $10000 with VISA iChoose


It’s personal. Cards are printed with your cardholder’s name

iChoose VISA card is accepted worldwide
Comes with direct postage
Personalise iChoose VISA card


* Custom branded card carriers and websites are available on request and priced on application.

Extending the brand experience

They will also have 24/7 access to our online web portal to activate their card, check their balance and transaction history, or change account details.

iChoose will provide you with a seamless end-to-end solution that will make your business stand out!

Your cardholder will receive their personalised VISA Prepaid Card affixed to our iChoose card carrier with accompanying user guide.

ichoose visa card. The perfect rewards solution






Cashback Solutions 

Cashback offers are one of the most effective ways to drive sales and to acquire new customers. 

iChoose provides the perfect solution for all of your cashback requirements - whether you use iChoose cards as a convenient reward fulfilment mechanism – or utilise our full end-to-end cashback services.

As cashback specialists, we can take the whole process out of your hands and manage all aspects of your promotion.

Unlimited Choice

28 million VISA merchants worldwide

Branded Cash Is King

Ultimate reward flexibility

It’s Personal

Cardholder name printed on card

Secure & Supported

24/7 online and phone support


Shop online, in-store, over the phone

Benefits your Recipients


Strong brand association with VISA


Card activated by recipient


Pocket billboard for your brand

Long Lasting

12 month card validity you can activate any time prior to expiry

Cost Effective

Reduced administration, time and costs

Benefits your Business

Why iChoose VISA?

iChoose VISA prepaid branded and non-branded cards
ichoose visa gift card the NZ corporate alternate to prezzy card. buy online
  • Anonymous. No name printed on cards
  • No personal details required
  • Visa Gift Cards bulk shipped to your business for you to activate & distribute
  • Load any value onto a iChoose Gift Card up to $1,000
  • Delivered within 10-14 working days, from payment received
  • Order online - credit card and pay by invoice options available
  • Create your own branded gift card - no minimums orders!

iChoose Visa Gift cards are designed for New Zealand corporates as the perfect gift card that offers ultimate choice when rewarding staff and customers! With the cheapest card in the Kiwi market, choose from our unique designs or create your own fully branded card, not just a company logo.

Looking for the perfect corporate gift card?

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We are not a financial institution, so we don’t think like one. With a background in incentive marketing, iChoose was conceived by one of New Zealands leading strategic marketing and performance improvement agencies, 212f

iChoose was born with one goal in mind, to provide anyone a reward that has a real impact for both the recipient and the company. We provide the flexibility, customisation and experience that ensures you achieve your goals and keeps your brand front of mind.

Since its launch into the New Zealand market in 2009, iChoose has been a trusted leader of corporate Visa prepaid products. Our history and achievements are a true testament to our success. We have been a category breaker and continually drive product development and innovation to ensure that iChoose cards remain at the forefront of prepaid card solutions.

About iChoose

Give the prepaid giftcard that keeps on giving, accepted worldwide wherever visa is accepted.
  • iChoose offer two types of Visa cards, single load prepaid cards, or reloadable cards, so you can choose which fits your needs best.
  • For gift cards to buy online head to
  • The cards have different uses, and are suitable for wide range of customer or staff rewards and incentives. 
  • Prepaid gift cards are perfect for one off rewards, rebates and cashbacks
  • Reloadable cards are suited for ongoing rewards and rebates when there are regular rewards provided to customers or staff. 
  • iChoose are suppliers of generic branded cards which you can custom brand with your own logo.
  • All iChoose Visa card prepaid are personal and issued to an individual, sent directly via the post. 
  • iChoose provide full service Cash back management. (This offer is suited to driving consumer sales across target periods.)

Prepaid Visa Gift Card

We guarantee you won’t find a more budget friendly Visa Prepaid Giftcard option with better customer service than us.

Prepaid cards are used in the exact same way as credit cards are, so there is nothing you best learn. The balance can be adjusted by a simple transfer of funds from an account onto the card, the gift card can then be used literally anywhere Visa is accepted - shops, websites, ATM’s, online, and more. It couldn’t be more safe or more easy. Prepaid cards are a fantastic way to set and adhere to budgetary guidelines. As there is no line of credit, the balance is always associated with the money available for spending - it’s impossible to go into debt. The cardholder can even choose to use the prepaid Visa card as if it were a separate bank account. How they would do this is to pay onto the reloadable card whatever they want for purchases, to keep the charges separate from other savings and for tracking more easily. There is no advance of money from the suppliers or issuer, and also no need to worry about any interest being incurred, or any payment due dates.

Prepaid Visa Card online

Unlike regular credit cards which come with their own pros and cons, prepaid Visa cards don’t require a credit check in order to be issued. Meaning that consumers from all walks of life, even with negative credit checks have the opportunity to carry one without passing through rigorous screenings(as long as they are over the age of 18). Since the Visa gift cards are prepaid it means there is no line of credit attached, the issuer is also not at risk for cardholders defaulting on any payments. Prepaid Visa cards are the best option because just like standard credit cards, you can use them in many if not most places around the world and online - anywhere Visa is accepted, in New Zealand and around the globe. This gives the consumer the power to shop and pay with the easy tap of a card, or to shop online without the hassle of leaving the house. When travelling, performing currency exchanges from one country to the next is a thing of the past. They are suppliers of security, if you think of reloadable prepaid cards like cash with protection. Once the balance on the card is set by applying cash to the card, the holder is protected from loss, theft, and fraudulent purchases. How is this done? Unauthorised charges can simply be reported to the issuing company for investigation and reimbursement.

Reloadable Prepaid Visa Card

A history you can trust - Trust in iChoose, as thousands of other businesses have for their prepaid and gift card needs.

In New Zealand, iChoose prepaid Visa cards can be loaded up to $4,999.99 credit, which can be used in any of the 25 million stores worldwide (and online) where Visa is accepted. Visa gift cards are a great alternative to cash and outdated cheques, and preferred over store cards or vouchers.
iChoose are suppliers of uniquely designed Visa Prepaid Cards which can be completely customised to suit different needs in New Zealand. When you choose a personalised Visa prepaid card, you can use your company printed logo over the top of one of our generic designs, or provide us with your own custom design. Giving you the flexibility and freedom to decide what is best for your business. Wondering how it works? You can purchase single load or reloadable card options. A single load Visa gift card can only be loaded with credit one time, as the name suggests. Reloadable cards can be loaded with funds as many times as you like.

Prepaid Visa Card Suppliers

Visa Gift cards are a popular personalised choice for corporate gift giving, and for good reason. How are they so perfect for your needs? They are accepted anywhere across the globe, both online and in store when you use them for purchases, big or small. Giving you the absolute freedom of choice with reloadable or prepaid options. iChoose are leading suppliers in the field, offering the best value for money and many other benefits such as no credit checks or bank account needed. They are the number one issuer of reward and incentive Visa prepaid cards in Australia and New Zealand. Businesses select iChoose to drive loyalty, retention, incentives and reward programs, primarily for their choices and flexibility. Anything is possible with an iChoose prepaid Visa card.

Prepaid Visa Card New Zealand

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