• 2 card options: Gift Cards or Reloadable Cards.
  • For one off rewards, rebates and cashbacks a Gift Card will suit perfectly.
  • Ongoing rewards and rebates (when there are regular rewards provided to customers or staff) are more suited to a reloadable Visa Prepaid Card.
  • Either custom branded or standard iChoose options.
  • All our Visa Prepaid card prepaids are personal and issued to an individual,
  • Orders are securely sent direct via the post.
  • Balances can be checked, set up a PIN online or by phone.
  • Cash back offer (where applicable).

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We never compromise on security: Your iChoose Visa Card is sent securely by post.

How hard is it to find a gift that suits your customer and employees? Personalised products might seem like a great idea, but the look on your employee’s face when they’ve received a custom company branded USB stick in reward for all their hard work throughout the year, could be nothing but absolute disappointment. This year, don’t let your employee gifts fall short. Show them you care and let them buy their own gifts, when you order an iChoose Visa Prepaid Gift Card, balance checked and activated online or via phone, and accepted virtually anywhere around the globe.

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You may be asking yourself, why do New Zealand companies prefer to buy prepaid Visa gift cards? How can I join them? When you order an iChoose prepaid card, the gift you give becomes like a personalised billboard or banner in the recipient’s wallet, even before it’s activated and its balance is checked, it leaves a lasting impact and is more memorable than cash or store cards and gift vouchers. There is minimal administration and no inventory required, saving you time and money. We manage cashback program claims and communications for you, and as we aren’t a Financial Institution, so there are no Bank fees. You can even get a GST rebate on the value of the cashback, if your custom Visa cards are cashbacks by nature.

Trust top NPR rated iChoose, for a premium product and customer service - we deliver. Other Prepaid Visa Card suppliers may try to match us, but they can’t beat our prices.

iChoose are a custom personalised Visa Card and Prepaid Visa Card seller in New Zealand, who offer 2 different types of cards to suit your needs. Wondering how to manage regular rewards given to staff or customers? A reloadable custom personalised Visa gift Card is your answer. As well as having simple online process to activate prepaid cards, change a PIN and check balances, iChoose have round the clock highly rated customer service via telephone. Why wait when you can order these gift card options at the most competitive price on the market today.

Visa Gift Card Online

Checking the balance on your personalised custom Visa prepaid Card couldn’t be simpler when your card is from iChoose. Simply log on to the website to see how much you can buy, whether in New Zealand or overseas - your card is accepted by 28 million merchants across the globe. Been out for the evening and forgotten your PIN? No worries. Jump on the iChoose website to change your PIN or activate your card online, or call our friendly staff for assistance. Corporate gift giving really couldn’t be more easy, when you order our personalised Visa Prepaid Cards.

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As an employer you value your employees and customers, and undoubtedly want to give them the best. Our Visa cards are a beautifully presented and personalised way to say thank you, allowing them to buy whatever they want from New Zealand or worldwide, whenever they want to. Companies order iChoose prepaid Visa prepaid cards for cashbacks, to activate rewards, corporate gifts and other thank you gestures. For example, rewarding existing customers for referring new customers online, or signing up to a particular service. They can also be used as prizes or incentives for employees, resellers and survey respondents.

Visa Prepaid Gift Card

iChoose think differently than Financial Institutions, because we aren’t one. iChoose provides a flexible and customisable experience, helping your business achieve its goals whilst keeping your brand in the forefront. If you are wondering how to truly reward your employees and customers, for their next corporate gift you can order personalised custom Visa Prepaid Cards from the company conceived by one of New Zealand’s leading strategic marketing and performance improvement agencies. Once received a card holder can activate their Visa Gift Cards online. When you buy from iChoose you know we are simplifying rewards for your business.

Visa Gift Card New Zealand

iChoose Prepaid Visa cards provide a memorable and cost effective method for you to give a gift or reward, whilst promoting your brand. How can we save you precious time and money? With minimal administration. You can also rest assured there are no hidden bank fees as iChoose aren’t a financial Institution. Security is a certainty when you order our cards, with the ability to disable the prepaid funds until the Prepaid card is activated. We provide an extremely fast service, with personalised cards being dispatched within 24 hours and instant issue cards can be loaded within 24 hours. Simplify the entire rewards process and choose iChoose Visa cards for your next custom personalised gift.

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